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AlluringEyes's Bio Data

  • Ana-Maria
  • 34
  • 5'5" - 5'9"
  • 145-160lbs
  • Big
    Breast size:
  • Brown
    Hair color:
  • Short
    Hair length:
  • Green
    Eye color:
  • Large
  • White
  • female
  • straight
    Sexual preferences:
  • Languages:

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  • Reply  
    Thumbnail   AlluringEyes 

    Happy Easter to everyone!!!

    2 days ago
  • Reply  
    Thumbnail   Kobe89 

    the only way to find the paradise is to meet Ana.
    the best of all the beauties...full of passion...sweet and wild lover. made the world a better place.
    DIVINE !!!!

    4 days ago
  • Reply  
    Thumbnail   123theduck 

    with the twincle in her eyes, always a pleasure.

    14 days ago
  • Reply  
    Thumbnail   AlluringEyes 

    I'll be OFF tonight guys... I hope see you and talk to you tomorrow! Till then have fun and ... kisses...

    16 days ago
  • Reply  
    Thumbnail   Ceddy1906 

    You are heat. Burning flame that warms my soul
    I am comfort. Holding your heart in hand.
    You are beauty, my eyes blest to behold
    We are eternal, love cross timeless sand

    Shadows on wall become animated
    By the flickering of your dancing flame
    My desire will not be satiated
    Lest I hear the sweet calling of my name

    You are light shining through the darkest night
    Glimmer of hope where there was none before
    I would not dare struggle or put up fight
    For fear I’d miss that which you have in store

    The warmth welcomes us in, growing more deep
    Sweet promises made, even more to keep

    22 days ago
  • Thumbnail   AlluringEyes 

    Thank you Ceddy!!!
    You are good... keep writing...
    I hope we talk soon and hear more...
    Kiss :)

    16 days ago
  • Reply  
    Thumbnail   pekinois26 

    merci for long night together , good saturday, kiss at your children.
    a+++ your PHILIPPE.

    25 days ago
  • Reply  
    Thumbnail   pekinois26 

    bonne nuit ma princesse.

    25 days ago
  • Reply  
    Thumbnail   pekinois26 

    ana is perfect woman . Elle est belle , charmeuse , yeux verts mertveilleux, bouche sensuelle. Ana fermme cest la femme que lon aimerait épouser .
    Gros bisous philippe .

    25 days ago
  • Reply  
    Thumbnail   rage_81_rage 

    I keep coming back to live jasmin some now and then just because of you... you are incredible.

    1 month ago
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